Field Fleet Feet had 136 runners from seven third grade classes participate this year. The club started the school year running three days a week and then went to two days a week when reading tutoring started. They had monthly special runs at the old hospital parking lot. Special recognition was given every two weeks as runners logged miles--10, 20, 30, etc. At 26.2 miles, the runners earned their Fleet Feet t-shirt, which was designed by students Kayanna Cranmer and Laik Graham. At their Victory Lap, Principal Philip Pohren welcomed everyone and then Tarin O'Dell sang the National Anthem. Special Awards presented were: Caden Larson, Top Boy Runner; Emmy Dillon, Top Girl Runner; and Addy Bacon, Most Improved Runner. Addy was also had the third highest girl miles. 100 mile runners were Jonathon Sanchez and Jadon Collins. 90+ miles runner was Grant Leamer, who had the fourth highest boy mileage. 80+ miles runner was Landon Baker who was the fifth highest mileage boy. 80+ mile runner, Jolie Bonderer, was the second highest mileage girl. Shelby Gatson made it into the 50+ miles category and was the fourth highest mileage girl. Makinna Arr made it into the 50+ miles category as well and was the fifth highest mileage girl. The final running club mileage was about 5,800 miles. That would be almost enough to travel from Chillicothe across the Atlantic Ocean to Greece, Field teacher, Mary Turner said. The new Field third graders ran their First Lap by class at the end of the event. Medals were awarded by Superintendent Dr. Roger Barnes. The Field Fleet Feet club would like to thank Dave Rogers, Tim Riekena, Bill and Eileen Everett for helping during Running Club Days; Travis Clark for donating a dollar per mile during a fall special run; the Constitution-Tribune for giving them great coverage during the school year; Lauhoff Jewelry for donating the engraving of their medals and trophies; Tarin O'Dell for singing the National Anthem; and Terry May and Heidi May for taking pictures and sorting and labeling shirts.