Chillicothe may soon get directional signage through town to assist motorists –visitors and residents, alike – in finding specific destinations within Chillicothe.

Chillicothe may soon get directional signage through town to assist motorists –visitors and residents, alike – in finding specific destinations within Chillicothe. Through a partnership with Main Street Chillicothe, which will pay for the signs, the city plans to provide the labor to erect approximately 30 signs along Washington Street. The signs would measure three-feet-by-four-feet, with larger ones at the north and south entrances to Chillicothe. The signs would include arrows pointing the way to places such as the library, middle school field house, Shaffer Park, Danner Park, the library, museum, and more. City Administrator Ike Holland presented the proposal during Monday night’s city council meeting at City Hall. The council members gave a concensus to proceed with the project and the Greater Chillicothe Visitors Region also voiced support of the plan. “You have to make it easy for people to locate places,” said Amy Supple, director of the visitors region. “This is long overdue.” Holland stated that way finding signs have been budgeted for the last couple of years, but kept getting cut because funding hasn’t been available. He stated that since Main Street Chillicothe will be purchasing the signs, the project will not be city funded. The project will designate three areas of the city (north end, south end and downtown). No commercial businesses will be included on the signs. The uniform signs will help guide motorists to their destinations. “It ties it all in so when people come to Chillicothe, they can track the signs,” Holland said. “This gives some consistency so it is easier for people to use.” Because signs will be located along U.S. Highway 65, the Missouri Department of Transportation must give final approval. The signs, he said, would also include local branding with the city logo included on each sign. In other business during the council’s meeting, officials confirmed Mayor Chuck Haney’s reappointment of John Marcolla, Jane Neal and Betty Preston Steele to the hospital board. The council also conducted a public hearing to consider an ordinance to vacate an alley between St. Louis Street and Milwaukee Avenue and between Bridge Street and Montgomery Street. The proposal was approved following the hearing. The council also discussed a request from representatives of the Senior Center to assist with improvements to a ditch that is located near the senior center and shows signs of erosion. The representatives inquired about using riprap from the old hospital or prison to help stem the erosion. An effort is being made to seek a grant to assist with the purchase of the building which houses the senior center; however, it was noted that the issue with the ditch must be addressed before applying for the grant. The council also explored ideas for developing biking/walking trails in Chillicothe as well as a possible bike park. It was noted at the meeting that work would soon begin to remove some lamp posts in front of the hospital. The lamps would be relocated along the new sidewalk along Missouri Route 190 (from U.S. 65 to Grand Drive), and along Grand Drive. Mayor Chuck Haney presided over the council meeting with the full council present.