A regular storyteller at the Old-Time Harvest Days, Debby Peel, announced during her Laura Ingalls Wilder storytelling on Friday that she would be retiring. Peel has been involved in Laura Ingalls Wilder storytelling for 21 years, starting her storytelling in 1994. In those 21 years, Peel has given about 500 demonstrations at different events (such as the Old-time Harvest Days) and she also practiced her storytelling at various schools, women’s clubs and churches all over Missouri. She was also able to do her storytelling at two Laura Ingalls Wilder sites; one in Kansas and one in Minnesota. Peel has had to memorize a lot about Wilder in order to be a good storyteller, of course; but Peel said that remembering everything about Wilder has been a lot of fun and has been good for her. Peel said she will miss storytelling a lot because “it’s been a big part of my life,” she said. She said she will miss seeing the childrens’ faces light up and will miss answering questions from the audience members about Wilder. Peel resides with her husband, Ray, on a farm near Avalon, Missouri. She named their farm, “Rocky Ridge Farm,” after Wilder’s Missouri farm.