Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster has filed criminal charges in Grundy County against Rapid Removal Disposal, based in Trenton, along with its two operators, for allegedly dumping antibiotic-contaminated feed waste at illegal dump sites and falsifying invoices. Koster filed a total of 11 felony counts against each defendant: six counts of criminal disposition of solid waste and five counts of forgery. The company’s operators, James Watje and Cheri Kelley live in Kansas City but operate Rapid Removal Disposal out of Trenton. Koster alleges that the illegal dumping occurred on at least six occasions in 2012 and 2013. The defendants are charged with forging invoices from a legitimate landfill and submitting them to a customer for payment, falsely indicating the waste had been hauled to an approved landfill. “We believe Rapid Removal Disposal and its owners illegally dumped waste materials in unapproved sites and then forged information to make it appear they had dumped the waste in an approved landfill,” Koster said. “These are serious charges of ignoring Missouri’s environmental laws and then deceiving customers with falsified bills.”