October first marks the beginning of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The Chillicothe Post Office now has a breast cancer display set up in their building for the month of October to show their support for women fighting breast cancer and to encourage people to purchase the fundraising breast cancer stamp. These stamps are sold in a sheet consisting of 20 stamps and the cost is 12 dollars per sheet. For every book of breast cancer stamps sold, two dollars and twenty cents goes to breast cancer research. As of December 2014, the sales from the breast cancer stamp alone, had raised over 80 million dollars, according to Traci Peters, Bulk Mail Entry Unit Technician for the Chillicothe Post Office “We’re encouraging people to come down and buy this stamp because it’s for a good cause,” Peters said. Though this stamp is being heavily promoted in the month of October, it is available for purchase all year long, according to Peters. The breast cancer semi stamp was designed by Ethel Kessler of Bethesda, Maryland and features the phrases, “Fund the fight,” and “Find a cure.” The illustration on the stamp of the mythical “Goddess of the Hunt” was designed by Whitney Sherman of Baltimore. “I feel like the ‘Goddess of the Hunt’ is so fitting because these brave women are fighting for every minute of every day until they win their battle. They are true warriors...,” Peters said. The post office’s breast cancer display features a lot of pink decor, of course, but it also features a few symbolic items as well. There is a pink piggy bank in the display which represents the money the postal service continually contributes to breast cancer research from the breast cancer stamp sales, and there are also candles in the display which represent hope and one’s inner light. “As with breast cancer, or any other kind of cancer, our main goal for everyone is hope. Hope for a cure,” Peters said. “...We will help fund the fight until they can find a cure.”