Local artist, Kelly Poling, has started working on the 20th historical mural in Chillicothe. This mural is being sponsored by the Livingston County Library and is located on the east side of the Strand Apartments building, bordering the library’s parking lot. Poling started priming the mural on Thursday. According to Poling, it took 15 gallons of primer to cover the entire wall, which is 32 feet high by 95 feet long. Monday afternoon, Poling was able to start painting the design of the mural, which consists of a three tiered bookshelf that features books written by local authors as well as books that feature historical aspects of Livingston County. Livingston County Library Director, Robin Westphal, said there will not only be books related to the history of Livingston County, but there will be elements in the mural that detail the library’s history as well. “You’ll be able to tell it was a library inspired design,” Westphal said. Poling said the mural will feature some historical photographs tacked to the shelves, including a photo that features the library’s old “Book Mobile,” which was a van loaded with books that was driven around town, and the driver would pass out books to people (much like the idea of an ice cream truck except instead of ice cream, people were getting literature) in the 50’s and 60’s. Poling said the mural should take him about two to three weeks to complete and will take approximately 10 more gallons of paint.