The Livingston County Humane Society has raised just over $57,000 for the Feline Sanctuary.

The Livingston County Humane Society has raised just over $57,000 for the Feline Sanctuary. Combined with the $50,000 from the Great Plains/Drs. Morrill Foundation, the society has $107,000 for the sanctuary, and more. The Great Plains/Drs. Morrill Foundation has agreed that any leftover funds not used by the shelter for construction of the feline sanctuary can be used to purchase furnishings, provide for the future maintenance of the sanctuary, and for the needs of the shelter’s fur friends, according to Shelter Guardian Lesley Patek. “Chillicothe will once again be on the cutting edge for helping animals find safe and loving homes,” she said, noting that feline sanctuaries are mostly located only in large metropolitan areas. “We will have one of the few non-urban feline sanctuaries in the United States,” Patek said. “With the new facility, we could save over 300 cats every year.” David Copeland is working with a container contractor in Kansas City for a bid on the building and the building committee will to compare purchasing a container and bringing it to Chillicothe against having the customization performed at the Copeland Construction warehouse. Buzz Weeks has donated his time and equipment for site prep work for the new sanctuary once the spring weather arrives. The next step is getting final approval from the Chillicothe City Council for the building. To that end, a committee is working to develop a firm estimate of utility and other costs. They will need to let the city know what its costs will be for the additional facility. The board and the fund-raising committee are hopeful that everything will be completed by mid-summer, Patek said. When the facility is complete, including the objects with donor names inside and outside the building, the Livingston County Humane Society will hold a ribbon cutting/dedication ceremony. The list of donation levels and associated objects are as follows: Platinum Pavilion name (main Room) $5,000; Gold Bench with plaque $2,500 or more; Silver Cat Tree, with plaque $1,000 to 2,499; Bronze Paw Print plaque $500 to $999; Friends of the Sanctuary $50 to 499. “We want the feline sanctuary to belong to the community,” said Jerry Nobel, president of the Board of Directors of the Livingston County Humane Society. “What a great way to have a record of those who have helped.” Donations may be mailed to the Livingston County Humane Society, P.O. Box 1214, Chillicothe, MO 64601.