Chillicothe Education Association's 18th annual Team Trivia Championship raised more than $800 for scholarships.

Q: Which Beatles song contains the lyrics, “And hope that my dreams will come true”? a.) All My Loving c.) Help! b.) Yesterday d.) From Me to You Q: In 1892, what did the flag inspire James B. Upham and Francis Ballamy to write? _________________________________ These are just two of many questions asked of competitors during the Chillicothe Education Association’s 18th annual Team Trivia Championship Friday evening at Chillicothe High School. The fundraising event benefits the CEA scholarship fund, which awards scholarships each spring to local seniors. The event raised more than $800. CEA hopes to award four scholarships this year. This year’s winning team was Team Grand Oaks, which edged out 21 other teams, including last year’s champion, the KCHI FM Radio Flyers. Team Grand Oaks – comprised of Don Boyer, Sue Bridgman, Bruce Williams, Kyle Bridgman, and Brian Baker – scored 100 points over the 10 rounds. Second place, with 95 points, was Inconceivable!, captained by Terri Rasche. In third with 88 points was Keepers of Useless Knowledge, captained by Sheryl Whiteman. KCHI FM Radio Flyers came in a solid 6th place without their “ace” Randy Dean, who was busy calling the CHS boys’ basketball district championship game on the radio. “This year’s contest was a great success,” said CEA member, Jim Wheeler. “It was wonderful to see the new faces among the teams, and to visit with all of returning players again.” Many of the teams have competed in this event for several years. “I think they come back every year because, first and foremost, it’s a blast,” Wheeler said. “I also think people enjoy the challenge that the questions present, and they like the opportunity to have a little good-natured fun at their friends’ expense.” Wheeler expressed appreciation to all of the CEA members who volunteered their time to make this year’s contest happen. “We couldn't do it without a lot of people helping out,” he said. Twenty-two teams of five players or less each tested their skills in answering questions from a wide variety of topics over 10 rounds. Answers to the questions at the beginning of this article: (a.) All My Loving; and (Pledge of Allegiance)