Chillicothe High School's 2018 prom was Saturday evening and the traditional Grand March began at 7 p.m. at Gary Dickinson Performing Arts Center.

Chillicothe High School’s 2018 prom was Saturday evening and the traditional Grand March began at 7 p.m. at Gary Dickinson Performing Arts Center. During this time, prom attendees were announced on stage, while family and friends of prom-goers packed the facility to watch the event.
CHS’s prom theme was “Set Sail for Treasure Cove” and had a pirate theme. The school’s Junior Executive Committee chose the theme and decorated the arts center lobby and stage for the Grand March and the Litton Expo Center for the dance.
The 2018 prom king and queen were announced at the end of the Grand March. The prom queen is Madison Graham and the prom king is Walker Graves.
Decorations throughout the evening reflected a pirate theme. Fathers of Junior Executive Committee members built a sunken ship for the stage and a giant treasure chest for display at the Expo Center as well as a 15-foot skull. Four-thousand balloons, resembling the ocean, were also used as props.
The Grand March included a skit by several faculty members portraying pirates fighting for the “treasure.” To prepare for the skit, the teachers had learned theatrical sword fighting several weeks ago. The treasure the pirates sought, in actuality, were all of the students attending prom. There were approximately 126 couples attending.
Junior class sponsors are Lisa Rule and Stacy Surber.
“It was a good night,” Rule said.

Hypnotist, mechanical bull, give-aways part of after-prom event

A post-prom party took place at Chillicothe High School and was attended by 66 prom-goers and eight Key Club members. A hypnotist/magician started off the night with a spell-binding show then students played into the early morning hours participating in card games or throwing themselves onto a Velcro wall. Students also enjoyed a mechanical bull, large obstacle course, and lots of food. With help from a Kiwanis grant, the Jerry Litton Memorial Fund, and multiple donors, more than $2,500 worth of cash and prizes were given away. Senior Kaydee Busse won $100; Senior Lexi Shoemaker won a mini fridge; Senior Gunnar Young won a large screen TV and promptly gifted it to another student; Senior Michael Sandefer won a Mongoose Men’s bike. “We are so thankful to the teachers and parents who helped pull this together under the direction of Mr. Brian Sherrow,” said Rachael Wheeler, who helped coordinate the event. “The adults providing entertainment raved about our students’ behavior and character. It was a perfect ending to a perfect night and, most importantly, all of the students made it home safely.”