Unofficial Election Results for Chillicothe voting in 2018 General Elections

United States Senator

Josh Hawley, Republican, 3563 votes, 67.93 percent

Claire McCaskill, Democrat, 1442 votes, 27.49 percent

Missouri State Auditor

Saundra McDowell, Republican, 3037 votes, 57.9 percent

Nicole Galloway, Democrat, 1759 votes, 33.54 percent

6th District U.S. Representative in Congress

Same Graves, Republican, 4102 votes, 78.21 percent

Henry Robert Martin, Democrat, 965 votes, 18.40 percent

7th District Missouri State Representative

Rusty Black, Republican, 4269 votes, 81.41 percent

Dennis VanDyke, Democrat, 867 votes, 16.53 percent

Circuit Judge for 43rd Circuit

Ryan Horstman, Republican, 4,465 votes, 85.14 percent

Circuit Judge for 43rd Circuit

Brent Elliott, Democrat, 3701 votes, 70.58 percent

Missouri Associate Circuit Judge

Michael R. Leamer, Republican, 4525 vites, 86.29 percent

Livingston County Commissioner

Ed Douglas, Republican, 4515 votes, 86.10 percent

Livingston County Circuit Court Clerk

Jane Edmundson Gann, Republican, 4516 votes, 86.12 percent

Livingston County County Commission Clerk

Sherry Parks, Democrat, 4223 votes, 80.53 percent

Livingston County  Recorder of Deed

Amy Hobbs Baker, Democrat, 4075 votes, 77.71 percent

Livingston County Prosecuting Attorney

Adam L. Warren, Republican, 4462 votes, 85.09 percent

Results for statewide election were not available at the time of publishing. The results for statewide issues and elections listed below are based off of votes cast by Chillicothe area voters only.

Amendment 1changes the process and criteria for redrawing state legislative districts during reapportionment and changes limits on campaign contributions. The amendment would also prohibit state legislators and their employees from serving as paid lobbyists for two years after their last legislative session and it requires all legislative records and proceedings to be subject to the state open meetings and records law (Missouri Sunshine Law).  

YES: 2602 votes, 49.61 percent

NO: 2431 votes, 46.35 percent

Amendment 2imposes a four percent tax on the retail sale of marijuana. These taxes would be used to administer the program, to license/certify and regulate marijuana and marijuana facilities and provide health care services for military veterans through the Missouri Veterans Commission.

YES: 2842 votes, 54.18 percent

NO: 2292 votes, 43.70 percent

Amendment 3imposes a 15 percent tax on the retail sale of marijuana. In addition, the amendment allows a portion of the collected taxes to be used to establish and fund a state research institute for the purpose of developing cures and treatments for cancer and other incurable diseases or medical conditions.

YES: 1481 votes, 28.24 percent

NO: 3607 votes, 68.77 percent

Amendment 4removes language that limits bingo game advertising, deemed unenforceable and allows a member of a licensed organization to manage the bingo games within six months. Currently, the state constitution requires two years of membership before a member of a licensed organization can manage a bingo game.

YES: 2251 votes, 42.23 percent

NO: 2645  votes, 50.43 percent

Proposition B will allow voters to amend the state law by increasing the minimum wage to $8.60 an hour with an 85 cents per hour increase each year until 2023. If passed, the state minimum wage will be gradually increased until it reaches $12 per hour in 2023.

YES: 2534 votes, 48.31 percent

NO: 2525 votes, 48.18 percent

Proposition Cwould impose a two percent tax on the retail sale of medical marijuana and allow the taxes to be used for veterans' services, drug treatment, early childhood education and for public safety in cities with a medical marijuana facility. This amendment would also require any person using medical marijuana to have a qualifying medical condition and written certification by a physician.

YES: 1824 votes, 34.78 percent

NO: 3188 votes, 60.78 percent

Proposition D will annuallygenerate at least $288 million for the State Road Fund to provide funding for Missouri state law enforcement and $123 million annually to local governments for road construction and maintenance. In addition, the amendment will increase the tax on alternative fuels from 17 cents to 27 cents per unit equivalent to a gallon of gasoline or diesel beginning Jan. 1, 2026.

YES: 2424 votes, 46.22 percent

NO: 2652, votes, 50.56 percent

Missouri Supreme Court Judge W. Brent Wilson

YES, 3263 votes, 62.21 percent

NO: 1238 votes, 23.60 percent

Missouri Supreme Court Judge Mary Rhodes Russell

YES: 3143 votes, 5909. Percent

NO: 1327 votes, 25.30 percent

Missouri Court of Appeals Western District Edward R. Ardibni, Jr.

YES: 3148 votes, 60.03 percent’

NO: 1324 votes, 25.25 percent