Two local food pantries merge.

The merger of two local food pantries will allow the organization to “have a stronger impact on our community and bless our community,” Tommy Sandifer, lead pastor at Souls Harbor Church of God said.
Recently, the Life Center Food Pantry and the Livingston County Food Pantry merged. Ultimately allowing one food pantry center to reach more citizens, Sandifer and Mary Ann Slattery, board secretary for the Livingston County Food Pantry said.
Life Center Pantry began as an outreach of Cornerstone Church but has operated for the past 4 years under the Chillicothe Ministerial Alliance. Recently, a longtime lead volunteer, Mike Holcer for the Life Center Food Pantry decided to step down. While the Ministerial Alliance, and the community of churches behind it looked for a person to take over operations, the idea emerged to join the Livingston County Food Pantry,” Sandifer said.
“Livingston County Food Pantry has a group of volunteers who are able to work several days a week,” Sandifer said. “It seemed like a natural fit - to join their efforts.”

Now the Ministerial Alliance will supply the Livingston County Food Pantry with the ability to get more food into the center, and into the community. The group will continue to support the food pantry on the same level it was supporting the Life Center Food Pantry with administrative costs and more.

“The Ministerial Alliance probeded amintraivtove fees and helped with equipment,” Sandifer said. “By partnering we are now able to help add to the services already being offered to the community through the food pantry.”

Slattery said the extra support will allow the Livingston County Food Pantry to acquire more food, and with that center being open more days each week, access to the food will increase as well.

The Livingston County Food Pantry will continue to be open from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m., every Monday and Friday. The Livingston County Food Pantry will also be open the Thursday and Friday after the second Wednesday of each month to distribute USDA Foods, formerly known as commodities.

Sandifer said the purpose of the mission was always to help those in need, and to strengthen the community.
“This opportunity will allow us to come together as one unity, in one location and strengthen and bless more people,’ he said. “There will not be a family in need the first week of the month and not have access to the food pantry because it is closed. There is one location that can reach more people on a regular basis.”
Slattery said she has already seen an increase in the number of community members coming to the Livingston County Food Pantry. Usually the organizations served about 450 individuals a month. “There is no doubt the extra food we are able to purchase will benefit the extra people who we will have come into our doors. It is a great thing for everyone,.”

The Livingston County Food Pantry is always accepting volunteers and donations. For more information stop by the center, located at 403 Locust Street.