CFD responded to calls involving a malfunctioned heater and gas leak

At 5:29 a.m., on Feb. 6, the Chillicothe Fire Department received a call from Grand River Health, 118 Trenton Rd., for a report of visible smoke in the medical room. However, upon their arrival firefighters did not see any visible smoke, however there was an odor of burned electrical wiring. Crews then used the thermal imaging camera and discovered the electrical motor on the furnace just outside the medical room had failed. It was also discovered that the electrical breaker to the furnace had tripped. Assistant Fire Chief Eric Reeter said crews locked off the breaker and instructed the employee's to have the furnace repaired and leave the power shut off to the furnace. There was no damage to the building.

According to Chillicothe Fire Department Lt. Rob Williams, firefighters received a call about a possible gas leak at 5:50 p.m., on Feb. 6, at 608 Peacher St. Firefighters arrived on the scene at the same time as the gas company, which located and then repaired the leak.