Kansas City-area NBC affiliates KMCI-TV and KSHB-TV will change frequencies on Feb. 11, as part of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) spectrum repack, which requires nearly 1,000 TV stations across the country to change frequencies over the next two years to make room for wireless broadband services.

More than 72 million people across the country rely on over-the-air TV for news, entertainment and emergency weather programming, especially minority groups, rural communities and seniors, and they could lose service if they’re not prepared for this change. While cable and satellite subscribers are not affected, anyone who watches TV for free with an antenna will need to go through the rescan process.

The rescan process is simple. Step-by-step directions and videos tutorials about how to go through the rescan process can be found at TVAnswers.org.

Currently, Phase 2 of the FCC spectrum repack is ongoing, and the Kansas City area will see an additional stations transition before April 12, when KSMO-TV (My Network TV) will rescan on April 2.