Travel Diaries: A Series, allows local residents to share their travel experiences

Judith Cunning Shoot has always loved to travel and when she was approached by Monica Holmer, adult services coordinator with the Livingston County Library about a series about traveling, she knew it was something she wanted to do.

“I think the series is a great way for people who have traveled to share their experiences with people who may not have traveled,” Shoot said. “There are tops and things I now know that I did not when I first started traveling.”

The library is now hosting Travel Diaries: A Series. The first part of the series will begin at 10 a.m., on Feb. 26, with a presentation titled, “Happy Trails,” given by Shoot.

Shoot’s father was a teacher and she recalls spending summers traveling all over the United States. But it was a fourth grade teacher in the St. Joseph schools that really got her interested in international travel.

In 1974, Shoot got her first taste of international travel on a trip on the Eurail.

“It was something I had always wanted to do and I had the time to do it then,” she said.

Since then, Shoot has traveled extensively through Europe and even taken a cruise to Antarctica. While she will discuss the different places she has seen and aventures she has been on, Shoot also plans to talk about the way travel has changed over the last 45 years for her and as an industry, especially with the change in technology. .

As a seasoned traveler her prefered way of traveling has changed over time.

“i prefer to live in a foreign place rather than travel there,” she said.

Since retiring after working 33 years as the children’s librarian at the Livingston County Library she has spent longer amounts of time traveling.

“i spend my summers in England now ,” she said. “Since retirement - spent increasing amounts of time in the same small town.”

Shoot said she likes living in Northumberland in northern England, on the River Tweed, not just visiting.

“i enjoy not traveling everyday. I like the climate, I like the opportunities in the town,” she said. It is a very historical town. I still do excursions daily but I live there. I really get to experience the town and area.”

Holmer said Shoot’s talk will be the first in a series and she encourages anyone with travel experiences they would like to share to get in contact with her at 660-646-0547.