Late last week, the annual Livingston County MU Extension dinner and meeting was held.

The University of Missouri Livingston County Extension Council held their annual meeting and dinner late last week with about 60 people in attendance.

The council held a regular business meeting and also announced a number of award winners, Crystal Narr and Ed Douglas, were given the Leader’s Honor Roll award.

“We sincerely thank both Ed and Crystal for their assistance throughout the past years, both for their commitment and service. The Livingston County Extension and 4-His fortunate to enjoy the strong community support from the Chamber and County Commission,” said Jessica Trussell, field specialist in human development and family science for the Extension said.

Two local family farms were also recognized as Century Farms - farms that have been in operation for more than 100 years by the same family.

The Jerry and Alvina Benskin farm was originally started in December 1918 by Jerry’s grandfather, Charles Benskin. Jerry’s father Earl took over operation of the farm after World War II and operated it for nearly 71 years until poor health forced he and his wife, Elizabeth to retire. Jerry’s daughter, Beth Christopher and her husband, Jamie, now reside on the farm, which Jerry, continues to row crop and hay.

The Henry Telaneus Farm was established in 1903, just south of the present Chillicothe Correctional Center. Henry Telaneus’ parents owned a dairy business in St. Louis before they moved to Chillicothe in 1887. For 16 years, they rented the southeast corner of the property that later became Henry Telaneus’ farm. Seventy cows were milked daily in the dairy barn that Henry designed. Milk was delivered by a team of horses. The dairy also supplied Brownfield and Berg Candy and Ice Cream Factory located on the east side of the railroad tracks southeast of Central School.

One of Henry’s granddaughters, Lorna Miller, was on hand for the dinner and shared that Henry was uneducated but was a creative thinker. He not only designed the dairy barn but accomplished pumping water a quarter mile to their house and barn that was uphill from the water supply. He designed a two-story granary to store feed on the top floor and had a gas-powered elevator in it to shift the grain to the grinding mill. He was the first person west of the Mississippi to have a gas-powered motor of this type.

At the Missouri state Fair in August the Cory and Stacy Surber family were among the 112 families honored during the fair’s Farm Family Day. The family was on hand to be recognized by the extension office at the annual meeting and dinner as well. .

At the end of the business meeting, Sherry Parks, Livingston County Clerk, administered the oath of office to new council members, Abby Smith, Lance Martin and Tyler Hardie. Della Tracy and Samantha Graves were re-elected to the council. Smith, Martin and Hardie will serve a two-year term.

Brenda Kerr was announced as the 2019 Livingston County Extension chair; Jenny Moss, vice chair, Suzi Beck, secretary and Jackie Woodworth, treasurer.