During the March 11, Chillicothe City Council meeting, council members voted 4-0, approving street projects on Walnut Street and Cowgill Street.

The work on the north end of Walnut Street includes repairing nearly 1750 feet of pavement on the road, along with installation of curbs and gutters. The work has been approved to be completed at a cost of $805,000 by Allgeier, Martin and Associates.

The Cowgill Street project includes improvement on nearly 800 feet between the railroad tracks south to the intersection at Jameson Street. Work on this area will also include installation of curb and gutters and concrete pavement. Work in the area will also include improvements to the intersection of Cowgill and Jameson Streets. Construction cost is estimated at $484,000.

City Administrator Darin Chappell, said work is expected to be started in late June or early July.

“In 2019, you will be hard pressed to find a city the size of Chillicothe that is dedicating $1.8 million to street reclamation,” he said. “The city council has approved it and shows the dedication to improving the streets in this town. These are much needed repairs.”

The council also voted 4-0 to approve the rates for Chilli Bay for the 2019 operating season.

Price of admission for adults will have a .50 cent increase to $10; senior citizens rates will remain the same at $5; kindergarten through 12th graders rates will be raised to $6; and children younger than kindergarten will be charged a $1 fee. The fees for younger children has been added to allow Chilli Bay to provide swim diapers for each child in that age bracket.

“We will be providing a swim diaper for children in that age group who need one,’” Chappell said. Last season the pool was closed on several occasions, including busy weekends, due to accidents and the sanitation process that follows.

Season passes for individuals has also gone up $5 to $110, as have punch passes and water fitness. Punch passes and water fitness will now be $65.

The $4.2 million Chilli Bay was opened in 2013, and the city will finish paying off the facility in the 2022-2023 budget year.

Chili Bay opens for the season on May 27.