CFD responded to Citizens Bank and Trust on Tuesday.

On Tuesday afternoon, employees and customers of Citizens Bank and Trust were evacuated after an unknown odor, described as a “rotten egg smell” began to fill the building, located at 515 Washington St.

Chillicothe Fire Chief, Darrell Wright said a call came into the fire station at 1:09 p.m., reporting a smell coming from the basement of Citizens Bank and Trust and the evacuation of employees and customers.

The fire department responded to the scene with a firetruck, HazMat truck and ambulances. Upon their arrival, firefighters accompanied one bank employee to a basement access where they noticed a strong odor of acidotic nature.

“Crews left the area immediately and Engine 1 crews were instructed to shut off the gas meter coming into the building,” Wright said. “They also advised dispatch to call the gas company to respond to the scene.” Firefighters completed a quick search of the building to finish evacuating the rest of the employees as there was a number of offices on the second floor that were still occupied.

Med 2 was then assigned to get gas meters and go to the basement to look for the source of the odor. After a search of the entire basement, they reported the meters did not detect any combustible gases. However, there was a reading detecting, a level of HS2, which was confirmed by gas crews after their arrival. Both fire department and gas crews were able to determine the readings were coming from sink drain in a kitchen/break room area in the northeast corner of the basement. It was determined later that a bank maintenance employee had poured sulfuric acid in the drain, causing the odor.

After Wright’s arrival on the scene firefighters requested the drain from the sink be disconnected and plugged, they then started ventilating the building using positive pressure fans,. It then took about 50 minutes to clear the building of the odor.

The Chillicothe Police Department also responded to help control access to the building for security purposes.