Harry Lockridge is one of three candidates seeking two seats on the Livingston County Health Center Board of Trustees in the April 2 election.

For the last 25 years, Lockridge has been a member of the board, attending monthly meetings and working hand-in-hand with the other five board members to ensure the health department is run smoothly and in the best interest of all citizens of Livingston County.

Over the last 25 years, Lockridge ha seen the facility and services of the health department, now located at 800 Adam, change for the better with the expansion of services and continual improvements to the facility.

“We are continuing to make improvements to the facility,” he said.

Lockridge, a certified public accountant for Lockridge and Constant, said he feels he brings a special set of skills to the board.

“I would like to continue to remain on the board of trustees as i believe i bring an accounting expertise opinion to the organization.”

He would also like to continue the work he and other board members have already started.

“As a board, we would like to continue to support the existing programs and always be open to new ideas and program for our county residents.”

Lockridge and his wife reside in Chillicothe.

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