Bill Hayen is one of four candidates seeking a three-year seat on the Chillicothe R-II School board in the April 2 election.

“I am running for school board to do my part to continue the strong school system that we have been fortunate to have in Chillicothe for many years,” Hayen said.

Hayen attended Chillicothe schools, graduating from Chillicothe High school in 1988 and he said his education served him well, and he hopes to see the strong tradition of quality education continue.

“I appreciated our strong school system and community and the way it prepared me for my

future. That is why I chose to run for the school board - to ensure that current and future students have the same opportunities to have a great school experience and prepare them for success once they graduate and move on to further their education or enter the workforce.”

If elected to the board, Hayen said he wants to ensure open lines of communication for everyone involved in educating Chillicothe students.

“My goals, if elected, would be to have open communication between administrators, teachers,

parents, students and the school board. Communication is a key element in making sure we are

meeting the needs of all involved.”

Hayen’s second goal is a main concern of school districts across the state.

“Another goal is making sure the district is adequately funded. This may be the biggest challenge facing the school district. There will undoubtedly be challenges in this area and making sure we spend our resources in the best way possible is extremely important. We have many great assets in our school district, including our students, staff and facilities,” he said. “We as a community must make sure we do our part to ensure that we balance these to make sure our students have the best environment to learn. This includes hiring and retaining the best school staff possible. We have been blessed to add great facilities to our school system recently, but there is more work to be done long-term.”

Hayen and his wife Shelly, a kindergarten teacher, have three children, all who have attended or are attending Chillicothe schools.

“Having family members in the school system has allowed me to see the school system as a parent, spouse of a teacher, and community member. The school system is the heart of any community and we must make sure we maintain a great staff and facilities.”

Hayen is a farmer and a sales agronomist for GFG Ag Services in Trenton. He spent 14 years managing SkillPath Seminars in Chillicothe.

“Managing and operating the farm, along with knowledge I have gained in working for multiple companies has equipped me with the skills and abilities that I believe would valuable as a school board member,” he said.

Hayen is currently the chair of the Livingston County Ambulance Board and he is a member hospital advisory board. He is a past member of the Chillicothe Area Chamber of Commerce

board and the Grand River Area YMCA board. He and his family are members of the Chillicothe United Methodist Church.

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