Area law enforcement agencies make several arrests while investigating a drug case in Chillicothe.

On March 22, officers of the Chillicothe Police Department and the Livingston County Sheriff's Office began a drug investigation in the 300 block of Clay Street, during the course of the investigation an officer seized drug paraphernalia and evidence of drug distribution from a resident of the home, and arrested a 30-year-old male on a parole warrant.

Later that night, officers completed a lengthy drug investigation and obtained a Livingston County Search Warrant; then members of the Chillicothe Police Department, Livingston County Sheriff's Office and the Missouri State Highway Patrol teamed up to serve a search warrant at 200 Conn St. Officers then arrested three individuals for drug distribution and two others for drug possession. Overall law enforcement seized approximately 40 grams of methamphetamine and drug paraphernalia.

“Officers also worked with children's division to get a minor child out of the residence and away from this type of activity,” said Police Chief Jon Maples.

These individuals were transported to the Daviess DeKalb County Jail and formal charges are pending in the Livingston County Courts.

“We would to thank citizens for reporting illegal or suspicious activity when they see it. We would also like to thank Livingston County Prosecutor Adam Warren and Livingston County Associate Judge Michael Leamer,” Maples said, adding. “I also want to tell you how proud I am of a couple things. One, how officers worked as a team during this investigation and also how the different agencies worked as a team to be proactive and working together in making a better environment for our community. We would also like to mention LCSO Deputy Zaki. He was an instrumental part of this investigation and was a tremendous help while serving the search warrant.”