Adam Brown is one of two candidates running for the single seat on the Chillicothe City Council representing Chillicothe's First Ward.

Brown, moved to Chillicothe in 2016, and after having spent the last three years getting acclimated to life in the Midwest, Brown said he has noticed there are big changes in store for the community and he hopes to be able to have a positive impact on those changes.

“At the request of people around town and with the upcoming 2020 census is why I have chosen this time to run for the First ward. The choice to select a new charter system lays with a vote by the city council before a ballot measure can be made, allowing the people of Chillicothe to vote on a new form of city government. I believe the people should be given every chance to reshape and form the government of their city.” he said. “The “Home Rule Charter” gives us the opportunity to be a forward-thinking community and gives us the ability to keep our government from forceful growth as in our current charter system. This opportunity has not been available to Chillicothe since 1855 when our “Special Charter” was originally completed. The Home Rule Charter gives us the ability to completely rewrite our city charter, keeping what we like in our current system while making us more flexible for new business growth and city development. We must make it a point to place individuals on the council who will give the people the right to vote, otherwise, the Home Rule Charter will remain nothing more than a talking point.”

Brown has been an active member in city government for several months now. In November ,he was appointed to the Planning & Zoning Board of Adjustments. The opportunity to serve on hat board has given him some insight into Chillicothe City government and has allowed him to identify areas that he feels needs more input from citizens.

“Economic development is the biggest problem currently facing the city, both from a funding and a quality of life aspect. Currently, the unemployment rate is between 1.9 percent and 2.7 percent with a poverty rate of 23.6 percent (per, those two number mean everyone whom can work, works and the money they make is not enough. Economic situations like this makes everything harder on a city, crime tends to go up when the poverty rates go up and revenue from consumption taxes goes down because of a lack of expendable income,” he said. “The lack of revenue from taxes means the city tries to increase funds by increasing taxes or cutting department budgets, this can worsen financial situations or physical conditions of the city. If asked people of Chillicothe would place themselves in one of two camps, things are great or things are horrible and that would be directly related to their economic situation. However, the biggest asset for the city is the people themselves, most everyone I have met campaigning or in just general conversation wants to be involved in their city as much as possible. I believe the people of Chillicothe can be the driving force behind the economic success of the city if just given that chance.”

Brown has been married to his wife Marissa for six years. They have two children, Arianna an eighth grader at Chillicothe Middle School and Cesar a sophomore at Chillicothe High School. He is a US Navy veteran, having served onboard submarines for 14 and a half years. Since moving to the area he has been employed at Mauser Packaging Solution as the maintenance manager for just over three years and he also serves as the defensive coordinator for the Chillicothe Swarm football team.

Continue to read the Constitution-Tribune for more election coverage. Election results will be placed online Tuesday night at as soon as results are released.