Reed Dupy is one of two candidates running for the office of mayor in the

April 2, municipal election.

Reed Dupy has been the mayor of Chillicothe for nearly a year, after the untimely death of Mayor Chuck Haney he was appointed by the city council as mayor, at the time of his appointment he was serving the city council as councilman at large.

After having been in the mayor’s office, Dupy said he decided to run again, as it was always a long-term goal of his to serve his native city as mayor.

“I chose to run for the office of mayor because it had always been my intention to run for mayor but not until Chuck Haney chose to retire. I truly enjoyed being on the legislative side, city council. Now that I am retired, I have the time and the passion to devote to the position of mayor.”

Dupy said that he feels the city is in good shape, and that the severe winter and resulting damage to city streets is the biggest issue facing the citizens.

“I feel that we, in the City of Chillicothe, do not have any major problems at this time. Because of the severe winter that we have just endured, our streets may be the most immediate area to address,” he said.

However, Dupy said, there are plenty of things to be proud of, including the city government and the way officials and city staff work hard to make sure the needs of the community are being met, are one of a kind. When adding the giving nature of residents, the city truly is unique.

“Our department leaders, the last few years, along with the leadership of our city administrator and the city council, have positioned the city financially to be one of the few cities with reserve funds to budget ratio of at almost 50 percent,” he said. “This is rare in this day, where some cities in our area have minimal or no reserve funds. Our Chillicothe Municipal Utilities has been so well operated for many years, with relatively low rates and no capital indebtedness that it is one of the best run utility systems in the Midwest. Our philanthropic community, both through foundation activity and individual giving, along with our broad volunteering spirit makes Chillicothe the most admired city in North Missouri.”

Dupy said his long-term goals include ensuring the sound financial status of the city, and in doing so also continue to support and add staff to law enforcement.

“My long-term vision is to stay fiscally sound, but also continue to maintain and upgrade our public facilities in the city. We are in need of a new, larger, more efficient police and communications center. Along the same need is some additional police officers and especially communication officers. Our personnel now are taxed to the limits by the ever increasing volume in call responses and investigations.”

Making sure residents of Chillicothe are safe and well-served is vital, he noted.

“To maintain and improve service to the citizenry, the fire department and emergency services should have an additional smaller station probably located in the northern part of the city. It would most likely house one pumper/aerial fire truck along with at least one ambulance. This would help improve service and coverage in both the city and county ambulance district, plus which would help improve our great ISO insurance rating and help lower the fire insurance premiums in the vicinity.”

Growing services, options, and attracting new business to the area, and upgrading existing facilities and services in conjunction with individuals and civic groups, are attainable, long-term goals he would like to focus on, if elected.

“I would also like to construct a combination multipurpose/ convention center most likely in the area of the Stoneybrooke commercial development. We should also assist in the construction of a new senior activities facility with the donation of a parcel of land on the former women’s correctional center,” he said. “We also must address more and updated recreational and park facilities. New Simpson Park playground and possibly multiple soccer field facilities may be attainable with the financial assistance of groups like Friends of the Park and individual gifts.”

Dupy’s business background started, here in Chillicothe, at a very young age.

“My business background started with working in my father’s grocery store at a very early age. I started my commercial lawn mowing business at the age of 12.”

By the age of 17 he was a business owner.

He then earned a degree in business marketing from Northwest Missouri State College, and after graduation became a territory manager for Coca-Cola Bottling of Mid- America as the Missouri Division Vending and Special Markets Manager over a six, branch warehouses. Starting in 1980 he returned to Chillicothe and began his 32 year career as owner and manager of Park Center Liquor.

It was after his retirement in 2012 that he was elected to three straight terms as First Ward Councilman.

Dupy is a member of the Rotary Club, a board member of Sliced Bread, Main Street.

“I am the first and only elected Chillicothe city official to earn the degree of Certified Municipal Official through The Strategic Governance Institute of the Missouri Municipal League. I also currently sit on the Missouri Municipal League Intergovernmental Relations and Policy Committee and the Oversight Resolutions Committee.

He and his wife, Terri, are members of Utica Baptist Church.

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