The Chillicothe Police Department received a call at 10:30 a.m., today, in regards to a possible gas line leak at 10 Hickory St.,

Fire Chief Darrell Wright said before fire crews left the fire station they advised dispatch to contact Liberty Utilities.

“Upon arrival crews found M & M Utilities in front of Irvinbilt on Hickory Street,” Wright said. “They were removing concrete and pulled up a main gas line. A strong odor of gas was present as soon as we exited the fire truck.”

At that point, Wright noted, all the workers had shut down all equipment and were standing across the street. They stated that the employees at Irvinbilt had been evacuated and they were in the back building.

“Liberty Utilities arrived on scene with in a few minutes shut-off the meter to Irvinbilt and had contacted their other crews to bring other equipment there so they could begin shutting off the line. Within a few minutes they had dug down to their main line and shut off the gas.”

Fire crews were advised at 11:27 a.m., that they could return to the fire department.