Area students enjoyed a visit from Author Alan Gratz.

Author Alan Gratz spent two days in Chillicothe last week visiting with students, signing books and giving presentations. All the while, keeping them entertained much like his books do: hanging onto the edge of their seats, then bursting into laughter.

At a presentation to fourth graders at Dewey Elementary School Friday Gratz’s “choose your adventure” style presentation had allowed students to vote on the direction of the speech and keep them silently listening then erupting into laughter.

He also visited students at Chillicothe Middle School, Bishop Hogan Memorial School and Livingston County R-III students as well as taking part in breakfast and lunches with Chillicothe student award winners and a dinner with faculty.

Gratz is the author of “Projekt 1065,” which was was recently named the winner of the 2019 Truman Award (Missouri’s highest honor for middle-grade literature). One of his more recent titles, Refugee, was selected as the Global Read Aloud (GRA) choice for upper middle grades for this school year. Already fans of Mr. Gratz’s previous titles, Chillicothe students were able to participate in this worldwide event in October 2018 and eagerly await the opportunity to hear more from one of their favorite authors.

Elementary School students have been reading his books or listening to them as part of their classes read aloud time. Students of all grades came to the presentations eager to speak with the popular author.

Gratz said he always wanted to be a writer and students were shocked to hear that one of their favorite authors had received over 65 rejections before having his first book picked up by an editor and publishing company. He now spend half of the year writing and the other half touring to schools. He said he visits about 100 schools across the country annually.