According to a press release from the Livingston County Health Center, registration is underway for the Livingston County Health Center’s Spring Wellness Challenge to be held April 22 through June 16 .

Those interested can sign up now through April 22 to participate in the challenge. Late registrations will be accepted, but the health center would like to get as many on the books by starting day as possible. Register by calling 646-5506, sending a message on the health center’s Facebook page or stopping by 800 Adam Dr.

Participants will set a goal for physical activity for an 8-week period and record that on

the tracker provided. New this year is a good habits tracker, where the participant can choose weekly from four areas: drinking more water, taking a break from technology, changing negative thoughts to positive and getting enough sleep. Those who wish to be entered in the prize drawing should turn their tracker in to the health center after the June 16 end date. Forms are available at the health center. Even those who fall short of their goal will be entered in the drawing.

The wellness challenge is an attempt to get people motivated to add more physical activity, as well as take care of the other areas of wellness including mental health.

Local worksites are also being targeted in the challenge to encourage employers to promote a healthy lifestyle to their workers.

If you would like to sign up for the challenge, call 646-5506 or visit the health center’s Facebook page. You can also stop by the health center office at 800 Adam Dr., to register and pick up an exercise log while you’re there.