At 7:19 a.m., on April 10, the Chillicothe Fire Department was dispatched to an out-of-control grass fire by the Chillicothe Police Department at 12478 LIV 222.

According to CFD Cpt. Derrick Allen, CFD Hazmat 1 and Brush 1 arrived on scene and the landowner and a deputy were on scene.

“I found a large pile of trees and brush on fire as well as some of the surrounding vegetation,” Allen said. “The owner, stated, “it’s been burning for, four days now.” The brush pile was too large to try and put out so we decided to make a fire break line around the brush pile and back burn to it.”

Crews discovered the vegetation was not burning very well they put that fire out and widened the fire break line and sprayed approximately 200 gallons of water to soil the appropriate surrounding areas.

Before leaving a firefighter spoke with the landowner and informed him he would probably need to stay and watch the burn as much as he could.

According to CFD Lt. Rob Williams, at 10:30 a.m., fire crews returned to address trees that had rekindled and were spreading fire via embers in the high wind. Crews used 300 gallons to cool area of trees that were burning to reduce likelihood of the fire continuing to spread.