Dear Editor:

In March, the PSC unanimously approved the Grain Belt Express Clean Line LLC (GBX) project application. It was

filed with the Missouri Public Service Commission (PSC) in 2016 and followed a diligent process to approve a high

voltage, direct current transmission line. Now, legislation (HB 1062) seeks to stop the GBX and as a result - stop

Missourians from seeing utility bill savings.

GBX will benefit 39 municipalities in Missouri including Chillicothe. Local, municipal, utilities are set to begin

receiving power from GBX under contracts designed to save their customers more than $12.8 million in annual

electrical rates, once operational.

Many protections were built into this unanimous PSC approval. These include both landowner and agriculture

safeguards. Some are “first in the nation,” and some are more stringent than other states, including some

agricultural protections. The added requirements on GBX are more than any other private entity in Missouri.

Among these are compliance with new requirements called the Missouri Landowner Protocol, cooperation with

the PSC in providing reasonable access to consolidated financial records, and a limited timeline for action after

land acquisition keeping any payment with landowners - whether project is built or not. Further, the PSC must

approve any additional design change.

Knowing that consumers across the state benefit and landowners are protected, the aim of HB1062 is clear – to

stop GBX from moving forward in a last-hour attempt and prevent Missouri residents from cheaper, cleaner, and

reliable electricity.

I urge our legislators to oppose HB 1062.

Jim Gillilan

CMU General Manager