Aging in Place Livingston County is holding a public dedication and ribbon cutting ceremony to

celebrate the installation of new playground equipment for senior citizens at Danner Park at 10 a.m., on April 17.

The equipment, called a Senior Motion Wellness System, is located on the north end of Danner Park near the Rotary shelter house.

Among adults 65 and older, falls are the leading cause of injury. The design of the equipment is

based upon fall assessment and fall reduction of seniors, while enhancing physical and cognitive skills and providing a great social setting.

This system helps build and improve individuals’ confidence, balance, and strength needed to

reduce falls and improves everyday life activities, such as: navigating stairs, reaching for items in a cupboard, or simply getting up out of a chair.

The equipment was purchased using funds from the Livingston County Senior Tax Board,

Livingston County Community Foundation, Robert Browning Foundation, the Lambert Foundation, the City of Chillicothe, Livingston County Health Center and a small private foundation that wishes to remain anonymous.

The playground was installed late last fall by the Chillicothe Parks Department.

Aging in Place Livingston County organizers invite community members to attend this celebration and spend time checking out the new senior playground equipment.