At about 5:05 p.m., on April 14 the Chillicothe Police department notified the Chillicothe fire Department about a fire on the front porch of an abandoned home located at 25 Herriman St.

Tracy Bradley, Captain and EMT, said, “Engine 2 responding and upon arrival found two neighbors standing in front the porch with empty buckets. They stated that they had noticed smoke coming from the front of the home and went to check on it, adding there were flames coming from the front of the porch and they had gotten buckets of water to throw on the flames. They stated that nobody lived in the home and they had noticed some kids in the area earlier.”

Firefighters removed some of the boards, brick and mortar and carpet that was stapled to the porch floor and used a water can to cool the area. The fire was located on the very edge of the porch and along the front where the concrete meets the porch.