A new sign, which also serves as a great photo opportunity, now sits atop the Sliced Bread Museum.

When the Sliced Bread Museum opens in June, visitors will have the perfect photo opportunity.

Ed Douglas, with the Sliced Bread Committee, said that was the goal of the committee when they began thinkings about and looking for signs for the attraction.

“We see it as the perfect photo opportunity for people when they come to town and visit the Sliced Bread Center.”

The one-of-a-kind sign was designed, made and delivered by Elemoose, a sign company out of Springfield, which also makes signs for Bass Pro Shops and Cabela's.

The Community Foundation has made a three-year commitment to donate the funds for the nearly $20,000 sign, which is three-dimensional and sits atop of a platform on the Sliced Bread Museum’s roof, located at 100 Elm St., at the corner of First and Elm Streets.