Several deputies with the LCSO recently completed training.

Several members of the Livingston County Sheriff's Department recently attended trainings to help them better serve the sheriff’s office and the community.

K-9 Zaki and Deputy Nicholas Leadbetter attended advanced K-9 Training, presented by the Midwest Counter Drug Training Center April 1-4 in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

During training both Zaki and Deputy Leadbetter experienced new training tools which will help the two become an even better team. They also located training aids and learned about equipment, which help Zaki hone his environmental skills and also helps the handler better understand his role and ability to help Zaki.

On April 9, Detective Ryan Ford and Deputy Terry Wilson of the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office attended Tactical Emergency Casualty Care (TECC) training at the Missouri State Highway Patrol Academy in Jefferson City.

Both officers reported the course was outstanding and taught them emergency first aid on themselves, other first responders, citizens and wounded suspects. Officers were taught how to evaluate the level of injuries when there are a mass number of wounded people.

“These life-saving skills are something we hope to never need to use but will help us be ready if a significant event happens,” Sheriff Steve Cox said in a press release. “We will continue to send more LCSO staff to this and advanced life-saving training when opportunity exists.”