Chillicothe Fire Department Firefighter and Paramedic, James Jeffries, reported that at about 8:29 p.m., on April 26, the CFD responded to 105 N. Herriford for a trash fire.

James said a 10’ by 10’ area of shingles and other trash was on fire. Crews used about 50-100 gallons of water to extinguish the flames. No property was damaged.

On Sunday afternoon, at about 3:22 p.m., crews with the Chillicothe Fire Department crews responded to a possible house fire at 93 11th St.

Cpt. and EMT Tracy Bradley said, “We were dispatched from Chillicothe Police Department (CPD) for a possible house fire where the resident stated they see smoke coming from the roof and the electrical box was popping. Engine 1 and Engine 2 were enroute and CPD stated that officers were on scene and didn't see any smoke.”

The male resident met fire crews outside the home and stated they were at the stove cooking and started hearing popping noises from the electrical panel in front of them.

“They did not notice any flames for smoke and went outside to look around and noticed smoke coming from the pipe that houses the electrical wires going into the meter,” Bradley said. “We exited the truck with a halligan tool, water can and thermal camera and went to the electrical panel inside the home. We noticed that none of the breakers had been blown so we went to the meter on the outside of the home. There we noticed a light haze coming from the soffit that was around the meter pipe, and used the camera and noticed the area was very hot. We pulled the meter and began removing the soffit where it had started to burn and advised CPD to contact Chillicothe Municipal Utilities for further assistance.”

When crews with CMU arrived they disconnected all power to the home as fire crews removed some of the shingles to look for hot spots. CMU noticed that there had been some melting on the wire coming from the weather head and removed the meter cover and found where the wires had been burnt inside the pipe and began removing pieces to show the resident.

“We advised the residents that they would have to contact an electrician for repairs before power would be restored. They stated that they would get in contact with the owner and would find somewhere else to stay for a few days,” Bradley said.