Suicidal person becomes combative with deputies.

Recently, the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) responded to a call regarding an adult who was reportedly actively attempting to kill themselves by overdosing on medication(s). The sheriff and two deputies responded to the scene along with Chillicothe Department of Emergency Services. The person was located, admitted to taking several pills and then chose to be non-compliant and resist the officers.

According to Sheriff Steve Cox, “The individual was transported to the hospital where they continued escalating their aggression toward law enforcement and continued telling the officers how they wanted to kill their parents, their child(ren) and law enforcement officers present.”

A court order was obtained for the LCSO to transfer the adult to another facility for additional help. Two LCSO employees had placed the individual in the caged area of a patrol vehicle and both were assigned to transport that person. Multiple times the adult would work their way out of the handcuffs, start beating on the car, banging their head into the side window, in an attempt to break the car windows, and had to be restrained multiple times during the hour long transport.

Cox added that the adult scratched the LCSO employees, attempted to bite and kick staff, tried using the restraints to harm him/herself and was a significant risk.

A report is being submitted to the prosecuting attorney for the various criminal violations.

“Area law enforcement was advised of the situation for future officer safety. This person will most likely continue being a threat to themselves and others,” Cox said in a press release.