Over the past few years, the Ukrainian Agrarian Council has been leading a project to develop a Future Farmers of Ukraine organization patterned after the FFA. The

organization’s goal is to train youth that are 14-18 years of age to promote successful development of agriculture in Ukraine and lead local communities, the

country, and the world. In conjunction with the youth organization, a Ukrainian Agrarian Lyceum has been initiated. The Lyceum is an academic institution for

students in grades 10-11 with the goal to create a network of educational centers training youth who are motivated to lead agriculture in the future.

The Ukrainian Council agreed to send a delegation to the United States to observe and learn about our country’s achievements in this area. The group of six students

and seven adults have been the guests of the Agricultural Education and Leadership program at the University of Missouri and have been spending 10 days

visiting local chapters and the Missouri State FFA Convention.

tomorrow, they will journey to Chillicothe for a lunch hosted by the Jerry Litton Family Memorial

Foundation at the Wabash Barbeque. Friday afternoon will be spent touring the Litton Agri-Science Learning Center and in the evening the group will be guests of

the Chillicothe FFA at their annual FFA Banquet at Chillicothe High School. Not only is this an amazing experience for this group, but a true honor to have their first visit to the United States be to the state of Missouri.