Seniors and their families came together for the annual baccalaureate service on Thursday.

Seniors and their families gathered Thursday night for the annual baccalaureate service in the performing arts center, in advance of Sunday’s graduation service, which marked the end of the Class of 2019’s educational career at Chillicothe High School.

During the message, Brent Reeter, pastor at Lifepoint Church, encouraged the seniors, and anyone in attendance to keep four things in mind.

“I don't want to talk to you about what you are going to do,” Reeter told the crowd before he delivered his message. “I want to talk to you about how you are going to do it. These four things will carry you far,” he said.

First, learn to value life; No. 2, discover God’s plan for you; No. 3, go for it; and No. 4, don’t quit.

“Focus on what matters, put your priorities first, focus on getting them in the right order,” he said. “There are people who treat the major things as minor and the minor things as major, don’t be one of them. Know what is most important and make those your priorities.”

Even when life seems to be rough he told them to have no fear, and trust in the second step: discover God's plan.

“God has a plan for you and he already knows what it is,” he said. “You just have to discover it and trust that there is a plan, you just have to discover it.”

Don’t quit, the fourth item, is just as important as the others. Finishing what you start and holding true to yourself, completes the hard work and gets you over the finish line, never quitting ensures you reach those goals and sustain your priorities, he told the crowd.

Pastor Rob Hurtgen, First Baptist Church, also delivered a message to the group.” God sees who you will become before you even know who you will be,” he said. “God knows your future before you can even imagine it.”

The Chillicothe Orchestra Ensemble played during the processional and recessional; Senior Taryn Thomas played a trombone solo, “Two Spanish Dances,” accompanied by Mary Jones. The Senior Choraliers also sang, “Prayer of the Children.”