The Cultural Corner Art Guild and Gallery is inviting all Livingston County residents to participate in the production of a photographic project and exhibit entitled “A Week in the Life of Livingston County.”

“The purpose of the exhibit is to document who we are and the culture of our community through the use of candid portrayals.This project seeks to showcase life’s little moments and to depict the reasons we feel joy, pride, stress, or sadness,” Rodney Mouton, treasurer of the Cultural Corner’s Board of Directors said. “Photography allows us, not only to view what we do, but also our motivations for doing the things we do. It is hoped that the project will be an exercise of shared self-discovery and that, through our participation, we find that our commonalities and differences can bring us closer together with a greater appreciation of our neighbors.”

The Cultural Corner has selected May 25 through May 31 as "A Week in the Life of Livingston County." During that week, participants are asked to tell the stories of our residents through candid, spontaneous photographs depicting the emotions and expressions of their subjects. Both photographers and subjects of the photos must be Livingston County residents. Photos must be taken between 6 a.m. on May 25 through 6 p.m. on May 31. Posed photos and selfies are not allowed. Photos may be taken in either black and white or color. The use of cell phone cameras is not only permitted, but encouraged.

Photos should then be submitted to the Cultural Corner in an 8 x 10 format, matted on foam board. The deadline for submitting photos is June 20. A month-long exhibit of submitted photos is scheduled for September.

In addition to the exhibit, a panel of photographers will select a limited number of photos to be published in a book, which will be made available for purchase.

A series of photography classes leading up to "A Week in the Life" are scheduled at 7 p.m., on both for May 16 and May 23 at the Cultural Corner. The classes will focus on how to take candid photographs, photo composition and exploring the use of smart phones for quality photographs. Participants may register by calling the gallery at 660-240-5022. There is no cost for the classes.