The June schedule for OATS Transit in Livingston County is, as follows:

In - town, ​Chillicothe everyday, Monday - Friday. Utica, Mooresville to Chillicothe: every Friday.

Chula, Wheeling to Chillicothe: second and fourth Fridays of each month.

To schedule a ride on any of these routes call the Chillicothe OATS Transit office at 660-646-2237. Fares (round-trip): $6 within county, $8 adjacent county, $4 per county long-distance (beyond 2 counties), $1 each time you board the bus in-town.

The schedule for Intercity Express to Kansas City or St. Joseph is, as follows: o Kansas City: Tuesdays each month; to St. Joseph: first Friday of each month To schedule a ride on any of these routes call the St. Joseph OATS Transit office at 816-279-3131 or 800-831-9219.

Fare: $10 Round Trip

OATS Transit provides transportation for the rural general public, individuals with disabilities and senior citizens. For more information about how to ride, please visit, and click on the bus schedules tab to see the schedule and fares for each county.