Due to heavy and persistent rainfalls many area creeks, rivers and tributaries are flooding. The Missouri Department of Transportation, in conjunction with are law enforcement are monitoring road conditions.

Major Flooding is expected on the Grand River at Chillicothe, which is above flood stage at 24 feet. By 1 a.m., Wednesday, the river was predicted to be at 35 feet and rise to 37.8 feet by 7 a.m. Water at these levels could cause US 36 and US 65 to close.

At 35 feet US 65 south of Chillicothe is in danger of being affected flood water, according to the National Weather Service.

At 37 feet US Highway 36 southwest of Chillicothe is under water.

Livingston County Sheriff Steve Cox said, major flooding on Grand River is expected this week.

“There is a great concern U.S. 65 in Livingston County south of Chillicothe will close late May 21 or early May 22 as the Grand River is expected to crest at 37.8 feet on May 22,” he said.

Residents in the areas of Avalon, Bedford, Blue Mound, or Dawn need to make certain to have ample food, medicine and fuel.

U.S. 36 west of Chillicothe may require traffic to be routed over to two lane traffic as part of the highway may close due to flooding.

“We are working with emergency services from Carroll County to assist on any emergency response in the south and southeastern part of Livingston County over the next 48 hours,” Cox added. “Do NOT attempt to drive through flood water. You cannot be certain the depth of the water or if part of the roadway has washed away.”

Flooding, especially in fast rising waters can happen with little notice. Other roadways in the area which official caution motorists to pay close attention to include U.S. 65 south, Hwy 190, U.S. 36 east near Wheeling. Third Street, near the old prison site, has already flooded several times since the weekend.

Motorists are encouraged to pay attention to signage and to not enter flooded areas in or out of their vehicles.

To report water over roadways, which have not been marked, contact law enforcement.