On Tuesday morning, Sheriff Steve Cox released the results of a alcohol enforcement between the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office (LCSO) and Midland Empire Alcohol Task Force (MEATF) joint investigation in Livingston County. During the investigation, the two teams checked various businesses, which sell alcoholic beverages both by the drink and in a retail setting, for compliance checks.

During the investigation three violations were observed and the offenders were cited. Those violations included” 48-year-old Chillicothe resident cited in the 1200 block of Washington St.; 35-year-old Chillicothe resident cited in the 1100 block of Washington St.; and a 50-year-old Chillicothe resident cited in the 300 block of Washington St.

The MEATF provided the underage person, funds to purchase the evidence and overtime reimbursement for the LCSO deputies.

“Our goals were to identify anyone not properly following requirements and our intention is to follow back with training offered for these three people, area businesses and their employees on legal requirements selling intoxicants,” Cox said.