I would like to take a minute and share a few words about the flooding, experiences and my personal appreciation in all we witnessed in Chillicothe and Livingston County over the last several days.

First we made it through the flood without any serious injuries or death! In every incident there are always things we learn and we grow from with each experience. With that being said I am amazed, pleased and very thankful with how well everyone in our city, county and communities pulled together.

Each organization was very willing to help any and all other agencies. The city and county officials were all in sync with communicating, organizing and establishing all the resources and needs in addition to preventive planning on many “What-if’s” could happen in our area. Mayor Theresa Kelly and Presiding Commissioner Ed Douglas were happy and eager to do anything needed at any time. CDES Chief Darrell Wright and all his staff did their usual amazing job. Police Chief Jon Maples and his staff were extremely helpful during the incident and with any needs of this office. MoDOT and the Chillicothe Street Department did a tremendous and very difficult job. Our Conservation Agent, Missouri State Highway Patrol and Missouri Fire Marshall’s office were willing to help anywhere at any time. I am very appreciative of the work our staff continues to do at the Livingston County Sheriff’s Office. All the above are truly great people who do their job because they care about our community and the people here.

Also impressive were the number of businesses and individuals who reached out to us offering help with anything we wanted from fresh baked goods to sandbagging if needed. Area church groups were willing to open their doors for emergency shelter if needed. Livingston County Health Center and Hedrick Medical Center staff were active in making sure everyone was cared for and in preplanning for possible emergencies and urgent care.

We are very blessed to live and work in such a great community!

In closing, I ask for your thoughts and prayers go out to those impacted by the flooding and damage; to the farmers, business owners, employees, home owners and residents who have or remain suffering from this historic flood.