The waiver remains in effect through July 21.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) has announced an extension of an allowance for heavier-than-normal truckloads of rock, sand and gravel to travel on Missouri highways in flood relief and for levee and other public infrastructure flood repair. According to a MoDOT press release, the waiver allows private and for-hire motor carriers to haul up to 10% more than their licensed weight on Missouri highways.

The waiver remains in effect through July 21. While the waiver is in effect, participating motor carriers are limited to:

A loaded, gross weight no greater than 10% above the gross licensed weight of the commercial motor vehicle; Transportation of rock, sand and gravel only within the state of Missouri; Drivers must obey posted bridge weight limits; When crossing a bridge, the driver must restrict the vehicle speed to no more than 30 mph; Travel under this allowance is only allowed on non-interstate highways. Those taking advantage of the weight allowance cannot operate on any portion of the interstate highway system.