Since certain elected officials have taken office I have been asked by several about the work of those people. I would like to answer that question and share the following with you as too often good work goes unnoticed. These people work in our county and/or judicial circuit and are

doing a great job for our community:

1. Circuit Judge Ryan Horsman: Has been on the bench in the 43rd Circuit for a short while and is doing an outstanding job. Judge Horsman has made great decisions while on the bench and treats everyone in a very fair manner.

2. Associate Circuit Judge Michael Leamer: Judge Leamer is absolutely great to work with, he has made some difficult rulings on the bench but does the job right and follows the court rules, law and evidence. Judge Leamer is also extremely fair and intelligent.

3. Circuit Clerk Jane Gann: Jane stepped into her role as if she were a 20 year veteran and has shown her dedication to our community and her position time and again. Jane is great to work with and sees to it we promptly get court orders and information needed.

4. Chief Deputy Michael Claypole: Michael always gives our office 110 percent and is always willing to help anyone. He also shares and excels in many administrative duties and with making certain our county is well cared for.

5. Captain Sindy Thomas: Sindy is the Most Valuable Employee of the LCSO. She has numerous duties and always has everything completed property, finds and quickly solves any problems and also gives this county 110 percent effort each and every day.

6. Deputy Nicholas Leadbetter and Zaki: These two are a great team for our county and north Missouri. Zaki and Nicholas have a far reaching positive reputation. These two have made much of our job easier and safer. No one has yet wanted to try Zaki on a takedown and has obviously not only found and made a lot of drug cases but minimized what would otherwise have become a use of force incident just by being present.

7. Detective Ryan Ford: Ryan goes well above what is expected for his position. Ryan continually shows he truly cares about our citizens and the quality of services this office provides so many people.

8. Chillicothe Police Chief Jon Maples: Chief Maples may be a younger police chief but he understands and knows what proper service is and that treating everyone in our community is extremely important. Chief Maples continually shows and understand the need for agencies to work together for a better common goal in area law enforcement. Chief Maples has greatly increased the services that agency provides both our citizens and other agencies. We greatly appreciate the team work and sharing our goal to help our people and reduce crime in

Chillicothe, Livingston County and Missouri.

Please note that our two Judges and Circuit Clerk Jane Gann replaced two excellent judges and circuit clerk being; Judge Tom Chapman who went to the Court of Appeals, Judge James Valbracht who is enjoying retirement and Circuit Clerk Brenda Wright who is also enjoying retirement after successful careers. All three of these people were awesome to work with

and earned a great deal of respect both here and around Missouri. Judge Horsman, Judge Leamer and Circuit Clerk Jane Gann are excellent in their respective positions and great to work with.

In closing, I could have said many more nice things about these and the remainder of our employees both here and the courthouse but I will leave that for another day. Please know we are very blessed to have a great group of people employed at the LCSO who are here to help you and your family! I have complete confidence in each of our employees to handle any

task at hand.