At a special meeting of the Chillicothe R-II School Board on Thursday, board members voted unanimously to approve a pay raise for teachers in the district. They also approved the 2019-2020 budget in what was outgoing Superintendent Dr. Roger Barnes last school board meeting before his retirement was effective June 30.

After a lengthy and detailed discussion by the school board members the board decided to approve a $100 pay raise for the teachers in the district.

During the same motion that allowed for the pay raise, it was also approved that there would be column movement for teachers with graduate school work and years of experience.

Raises for other school staff will be equivalent to 1.139 percent.

Most of the discussion about pay raises related back to the district’s budget. Barnes noted that the district is in a deficit spending mode, and offered the board several different budget plans, including and not including teachers raises.

With the $100 raise, the districts budget with a deficit of $587, 631 and 13.12 percent in reserves.

Barnes and the board, again discussed the need for an increase, approved by voters, to the operating levy.

“If we do not do something, the deficit will continue to rise and the amount in reserve will continue to fall,” School Board Member Bill Hayen said,

The board also approved other changes, some had been suggested by the school’s Welfare Committee. Any non-certified staff can now also report to schools at a later time, on late start days as the board had previously approved for certified staff. Staff will also be given 10 days off a year, classified only as paid time off, and can be used for personal days or sick time, as the employee chooses.

Incoming Superintendent Dan Weibers was on hand at the meeting, and has been attending school board meetings over the last several months.

He begins his new job with the district on July 1,

Dan Wiebers accepted the position offered by the Chillicothe School Board in an executive session earlier this week. Wiebers has served as Superintendent in Trenton since 2015. Before becoming the Superintendent at Trenton, he served as the Principal of Trenton High School for nine years.