Now is the perfect time to donate to the Salvation Army

Over the last several years there has been an increased need for assistance as many families find their salaries are not increasing as quickly a the prices of groceries, fuel and other necessities are.

Butch Clark Salvation Army board member, said times are hard for many families and the Salvation Army has seen an increase in the number of people seeking their services, whether it be using the food pantry, signing up for Christmas lists or seeking other assistance.

“I know there is a lot of poverty, all around, not just here,” he said.

As the need increases there is also an increased need in donations.

“I just cannot imagine having to tell a person no because we didn't have the funds to put supplies in the food pantry to help them at Christmas,” Clark said.

Erin Frasier, donor relations director for the Salvation Army said that unlike some other non-profits, the Salvation Amry is sure to keep all donations local, even online donations.

"All donations made locally to a Salvation Army, stay locally unless the donor specifies they want the donation to go to disaster support or someplace else," Frasier said. "It is the same with online donations, by entering the zip code, the donation goes directly to that community."

Online donations can be made at

Frasier said many potential donors may not be aware of a 50 percent tax credit, per taxpayer for donations made to a food pantry.

"Individuals, trusts and corporations in Missouri can make donations to a food pantry or feeding program and receive a 50 percent tax donation," she said. "This means a husband and a wife can each donate $5,000 and get a $2,500 credit for their donation."

According to the Missouri Department of Revenue's website, "the amount of the credit claimed may not exceed the amount of the claimant’s tax liability. If the credit exceeds the claimant’s tax liability, the excess amount may be carried forward three subsequent years.

for donations locally to the food pantry or the Salvation Army's local feeding programs, call Cpt. Shannon Forney at 646-3548.

According to the Missouri Department of Revenue's website, a food pantry is defined as an organization that is exempt from taxation and distributes emergency food supplies to low-income people in the area the taxpayer claiming the tax credit resides.

Any taxpayer (individual, corporation, or trust) that makes a donation of cash or food supplies to a food pantry may receive a credit of up to $2,500 per taxpayer per year. The taxpayer may take a credit of 50 percent of their donations.

The website explains how donors can claim the Food Pantry Tax Credit,

"To claim the Food Pantry Tax Credit, the claimant must attach the following to their Missouri tax return:

A completed Miscellaneous Income Tax Credits Form (MO-TC).

A completed Food Pantry Tax Credit Form (MO-FPT) or documentation from the food pantry which specifies the name of the food pantry, the dates and amounts of donations, and the name of the person making the donations. A separate MO-FPT or letter documenting the donations must be submitted for each food pantry to which donations were made."

The Salvation Army is currently accepting donations to the food pantry, along with donations of new or gently used blankets for seniors at Christmas; and donations of gifts and gift certificates for the teen Christmas program. Donations can be dropped off in the red bins at HyVee or in person at the Salvation Army, 621 W. Mohawk Rd.