Monday evening at 7:33 p.m., the Chillicothe Fire Department (CFD) was dispatched to 116 Brunswick for a BBQ Grill that was on fire up against the home, according to an incident report from CFD Cpt. and EMT Tracy Bradley.

"Upon arrival we noticed flames coming from the grill area. The owner stated that he tried shutting the propane tank off but it was too hot. We proceeded to shut down the tank and extinguished the flames. We moved the grill to an open area in the yard and assessed the house for any damage," Bradley said.

The facing on the house was warm to the touch and CFD crews removed several rows of the lap siding to ensure there was no fire or damage. Bradley noted, nothing was found firefighters advised the residents to watch it and cool as needed and when using a grill in the future to move it away from the house. The resident stated that the tank had been having issues when he tried using it recently.