During a recent finance session members of the Chillicothe City council discussed paying off a ladder truck the fire department will take possession of in November of this year and the purchase of five new police cars.

City Administrator told the members that financing the fire truck was not necessary. There is a balance of $431,000 owed on the truck, which cost $874,000.

"The city has a 25 cent dedicated fire tax fund and there is plenty of money in that fund to pay off the truck, without financing it," Chappell said.

Even with paying off the remaining balance of the truck, the fund will still have $400,000.

"for years the Fire Chief has been very diligent about making sure to plan and budget for needed equipment, this truck included," Chappell said. "With the remaining $400,000, we are well on our way to purchasing another piece of equipment several years down the road.

According to statute the funds collected into the fire tax fund can only be used for items needed by the fire department.

During the same meeting members, Chappell and Mayor Theresa Kelly discussed the impending purchase of five new police cars for the Chillicothe Police Department.

Kelly noted that for a period of time the city had used a rotating schedule for replacing police cars, but in recent years the rotation had not bee followed.

Police Chief Jon Maples noted that at one time in recent months, five of the departments eight vehicles were in the repair shop, on the same day.

The five, 2019 Ford's and equipment will cost the city approximately $250,000.

As new cars are purchased for police department use, older cars are phased out into other city vehicles. some of the vehicles being replaced will be given to other city departments for this use.

"We need to get back on and stick to a schedule of replacing vehicles, especially police cars, because of the amount of stress put on those cars," Chappell said.