The saying that “Knowledge is Power” is very true. As your sheriff, part

of our goal continues in being transparent, informative and educational.

It only makes our job more difficult if the public does not know what their law enforcement does for our community and what we deal with. We strive to inform you of current and legal public information in effort to prevent and solve crime. We also take additional measures to protect closed records.

The LCSO website has been active since January 2012. Our website includes a feature of Most Wanted Fugitives and thanks to TIPS from the public we have now caused at least 203 fugitives to be taken into custody who otherwise had not already been located by law enforcement.

This does not include the hundreds if not thousands of TIPS we have received regarding area crimes and other problems that we have utilized and/or shared with the respective agencies. A great many of those TIPS have helped this and several other agencies solve criminal violations, recover stolen property, identify drug dealers, and help many people in need.

Our Most Wanted website provides the public with a great deal of information about our office, employees, activities, press releases, messages from the sheriff, inmate roster, arrest warrants, registered offenders and more! You can submit Crime TIPs through our website by clicking the link on the front page.

Our website is a valuable tool for this office and is much like having another deputy sheriff on duty with the amount of information we share and receive without the additional expense to the taxpayers. The website instantly distributes news, information and photos to each subscriber including media who can then share the information and help us notify even more people.

Additionally, our office Facebook page now has over 7,575 “Likes” from other users. In partnering with our communities we share a common goal with many who also wish to make and keep Livingston County a safer place to live and work.

We have literally had people with active warrants taken into custody or surrender to this office within minutes of information being shared from our office. We have had TIPS come in as far away as the west coast, Florida and even New York.

Thank you for your continued support of area law enforcement and public safety. We appreciate working here and for you.