There Is Lots To Do!!

Family reunions are always quite the gathering place. We have attending the Billups reunion since we

were small kids, always in Simpson Park. Chatting and catching up with relatives and oh the wonderful

food. Same time and for sure same place next year.


The 43 rd Annual Great Pershing Balloon Derby is Labor Day weekend near Brookfield, beginning Friday,

August 30, and runs through the weekend. Quite the launch field, just west of Brookfield. Games,

souvenirs and festival foods , with night glows scheduled both Saturday and Sunday nights, weather



Wishing our Niece Gracie Jane Kelsey, a very special Birthday wish. The Big 15. Celebrate Big, we know

you will.


CHS Super 70’s Rockin Reunion is set for Saturday, September 28, starting at 5:30 p.m. Bishop Hogan

School. For information email .


The annual EAA Chapter 944 Breakfast Fly In and Drive Breakfast has been held near the end of August

at the Chillicothe Airport for 26 years, but this year, there is no Fly-in. There was to be runway

replacement project, plans were changed, but not in time to organize for the event this year. Cathie

Hamilton says they hope to bring the Fly-In back for 2020, and more information will be available when

the plans start to come together.


Yes, Harlie Mayson is off to College—University of Central Missouri, Warrensburg. Second year and she

is doing great. Cannot wait to see what all she does this year. Always so fun and rewarding watching

your grandchildren achieving their goals.


YES—Blue Bell Ice Cream is back in Town. What a Treat!!


Birthdays this week include: today, Ron Greener Sr., Debbie Willard, Kenneth Fries, Jim Meservey, Pat

Botts, Mary Underwood, Paul Gudgell and Jamie Diggs; Wednesday, Wanona Gardner, Mary Phillips,

Ashley McCracken, Betty Gardner, Kenneth Hoch, Hunter Derrickson, Chrissy Prewitt Green, Doug Dixon,

Diane Epperson, Angel Thomson, Karen Luazader, Sarah Hussey, Chad Riddle, Brett Neal and Bill Bellais;

Thursday, our Neice , Gracie Kelsey, Brenda O’Halloran, Paula Wilson, Tylar Cane, David BeVelle, Rance

Shiflett, Kristi Christy, Sherry Gooden, the mighty golfer, Kyle Marcolla, our C-T outdoorsman, Bill

Wehrle, Karen Smith, Fawn Grimm, Donnie Davis and Charlotte Knudsen; Friday, Shelley Hayen, Brenda

Cooper, Kenny Johnson, Jerry Jones, Nolan Parks, Ayden McAdams, Sydnee Fleming and Darlene

Hughes; Saturday, Maggie Graves, Karen Wilson, Randy Jackson, Don Dennis, Karen Whitworth, Nancy

Thorne and Thomas Hughes; Sunday, Francine Davenport, Leroy Arr, Dee Hall, Nelson Loney, Noland

Loney, Tim Cranmer, Bobbi White, Pam Gabel, Keith Kepner, Casey Kepner, Charlie Gilliam and Dorothy

Crookshanks; Monday, Peggy Jewell, Jerry Whitworth, Katheryn Tantay, Jason love, Barbara Hogan,

Jeanne Parrish, Lisa Horton, Joy Leppin, Kimberly Riddle, Delanie Kieffer, Christopher Williams and

Patricia Williams.


Wedding anniversaries include: Rev. Don and Virginia Hoffman #61, Wayne and Karen Ware, Chad and

Kaci Crawford, Greg and Brandi Jones, Bill and Martha Hughes, #55, Kenny and Sherryl Garcia, Tom and

Shelly Zelmer, Tim and Lindsey Ware, Jan and Mary Lou Vandeventer, Phil and Marlys Johnson, Benny

Debbie Gudgell and our San Antonia family, Keith and Dixie Sowder.