During Monday night's Chillicothe City Council workshop meeting City Administrator Darin Chappell told members the company, Big Canoe, which had stated it had intentions of growing and manufacturing medical marijuana in Chillicothe, had not filed for a growing or manufacturing license as they had "gotten crossways with the company that was funding their venture."

At the council's July 29 meeting they heard from retired Army Lt Colonel Todd Scattini who addressed the council as a representative of Big Canoe Health LLC. Scattini said Big Canoe LLC had applied with the state of Missouri for a license to grow and manufacture medical marijuana in Chillicothe. The council voted 5-0 offering their support, after months of lengthy discussions about medical marijuana and city ordinances.

The company also provided the city a letter of intent to purchase a 23-acre piece of land near WireCo, where they expected to build facilities for the business. Scattini said the business would have employed at least 55 people.

Chappell says they are still hopeful for a testing lab and dispensaries here. At last week's city council meeting the council voted to change zoning to change the zoning of medical marijuana testing facilities, which Chappell told them, then, does not produce any noxious fumes like other parts of medical marijuana operations may do.

The testing facilities can be in any area of the town zoned I-1 or I-1 and commercial areas zone C-1, C-2 or C-3.