Emma Hurtgen, Chillicothe.

Emma Hurtgen, Chillicothe, has been named as the 2019 recipient of the John & Sharon Yeats MBC Dependent scholarship awarded by the

Missouri Baptist Foundation (MBF). She was honored at First Baptist Church in Chillicothe, on Sunday, August 11.

More than 50 students applied for just seven scholarships being offered for the first time by the MBF. The MBF board of trustees has a desire to help students with an interest in a Christian higher education knowing that it can make an eternal difference in advancing the gospel.

Hurtgen said, “I not only want to attend a university that provides mission opportunities. I also look forward to learning about how Christian businesswomen and entrepreneurs can impact the

world while seeking to spread the gospel.”

Over the next few weeks, seven recipients will be awarded $2000 toward their upcoming fall semester. Each applying student prepared a 750-word essay on the reasons they would value the opportunity at a Christian college and how it could affect their future. MBF President, Dr. Neil Franks remarked, “We believe in Christian higher education, and we want to make it slightly more affordable to at least a few worthy Missouri Baptist students. We are very happy for Ms. Hurtgen, and delighted we can encourage her in her journey."